How A Just-In-Time Workforce Can Benefit Your Business

just-in-time workforce
just-in-time workforce

The term “just-in-time workforce” has been making its rounds in business circles lately. But what exactly is it? How does this workforce work? How can it benefit your business? Let’s explore some of the key aspects.

What Is A Just-In-Time Workforce?

“Just-in-time workforce” is a model where businesses bring in workers only when they are needed, and let them go when the work is done. It is a cost-effective staffing strategy that helps businesses respond to fluctuations in demand.

This model empowers underutilized capacity and reduces production costs. In other words, the just-in-time workforce is a more efficient way of utilizing labor.

There are many benefits to using a just-in-time workforce. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it saves businesses money. When you only bring in workers when they are needed, you don’t have to pay for idle time.

A just-in-time workforce is also more flexible and agile. This type of workforce can quickly adapt to changes in demand, which is essential in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Another benefit of a just-in-time workforce is that it allows businesses to tap into a larger pool of talent. When you’re not limited to a local pool of workers, you can find the best talent for the job, no matter where they are located.

A Lean Concept

Having a JIT workforce stems from the core concept of lean production. Lean production is a systematic approach to waste reduction in manufacturing and other business processes. The goal of lean production is to produce more with less – that is, to minimize waste while maximizing value.

The just-in-time workforce concept is an extension of this philosophy. By only bringing in workers when they are needed, businesses can avoid the waste associated with idle labor.

An Efficient Way To Staff Your Business

The just-in-time workforce is a more efficient way to staff your business. It saves you money and helps you tap into a larger pool of talent. If you’re looking for a more flexible and agile workforce, a just-in-time workforce is the way to go.

If your business is looking for a more cost-effective and flexible staffing solution, the just-in-time workforce may be right for you.

A Powerful Workforce Solution

Utilizing a just-in-time workforce increases output and reduces cost per unit while allowing for varying demand. The concept was originally applied to inventory received from upstream suppliers. Today, the principle is adapted to labor, capital and the time that it takes to produce products. The just-in-time workforce matches capacity to demand in real-time.

In a business with sudden staffing needs, a staffing agency can be the difference between getting the job done on time, and missing a costly deadline. They can filter and send you the best candidates quickly, sometimes within 24 hours! A traditional hiring process can take much longer and is not guaranteed to produce optimum results. This is because it takes time and money to replace employees and the unfilled position results in lost productivity. In addition, a traditional hiring process is slow and often results in the hiring of the wrong people.

Quality Over Quantity

A just-in-time workforce allows employers to hire fewer workers with proven skills, which means they can increase customer service and end-product. When properly implemented, a Just-in-time workforce can bring tremendous cost savings. So, the next time you hire a new employee, consider implementing this system!

Empowering Underutilized Capacity

Employing a just-in-time workforce enables businesses to better match their labor capacity to the current demand. Previously, businesses used full-time employees, but this didn’t allow for a high level of flexibility. Today, the primary input to production is labor, capital, and underutilized capacity. Employing a just-in-time workforce allows businesses to match their capacity with demand to maximize efficiency.

Underutilized employees can feel undervalued, unproductive, and bored. This decreases their commitment to their work and reduces overall business productivity.  A just-in-time workforce can help to empower underutilized capacity by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

Including Everyone

A just-in-time workforce is a more inclusive way of staffing your business. It allows businesses to tap into a larger pool of talent and helps to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

A just-in-time workforce can help businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. If you’re looking for a more flexible and agile workforce, a just-in-time workforce is the way to go.

Who Came Up With Just-In-Time (JIT)?

The concept of “just-in-time” was inspired by the Toyota Production System, a Japanese manufacturing model that focuses on supplying only what’s needed at any given time. In other words, companies use this approach to avoid storing and reselling unused parts. This process can also lower production costs, since it means companies can only hire new employees when they are needed. Just-in-time staffing also improves efficiencies and lowers labor costs.

JIT methods require a complete rethinking of work flow. Supply-chain relationships may have to be reconfigured to accommodate JIT. Companies may need to use more suppliers or select those located nearer to their locations. Smaller orders might also require new negotiations. The lower cost of inventory may outweigh the increased costs. Just in time methods require a tight collaboration between suppliers and customers. Sourcing in this manner will require a lot of strategic planning.

The Bottom Line

Just in time staffing requires a learning curve, but can bring great savings to your business. Just in time workforces can improve your flexibility during lean times, and a dedicated agency can find just-in-time talent.

A dedicated staffing agency can help with this process because HR departments are busy with other tasks. If you need temp workers, MGR Workforce can help. We’re one of the leading suppliers of temp workers in North America, and we understand what it takes to make sure your staffing needs are fulfilled. We’ll match the right workers with the skills your business or project requires.

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