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grayscale photo of crane in front of building

OSC Survey of 300 Contractors Provide Insights Into The Stability Of Construction Industry In Ontario

The Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) have released their Coronavirus Contractors Survey 4: Stability & Anxiety, which is their fourth survey in a series of independent research into the contractor industry. This particular survey was conducted …

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WSIB Freezes Premium Rates for Ontario Businesses

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) announced on October 1, 2020 that premium rates for Ontario businesses will be held for another year at the same levels paid in 2020, offering stability as employers …

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video conference interview tips

5 Tips To Nail Your Job Interview Over Remote Video Call

Because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, job prospects can no longer do in-person interviews for jobs. Instead, they do them over video conference call remotely.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a job interview over video conference call…

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jobs covid-19

15 Jobs that are in-demand during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many industries and the employee-base of countless businesses who have been forced to layoff workers to stay afloat. However, we’ve also been seeing the demand for certain jobs increase due …

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hiring new employees temp workers

6 Ways Short-Term Hiring Can Boost Your Business

Hiring temp workers can increase the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. Here are six things to consider when hiring temp workers…

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resume job seeker

10 Things That Will Get Your Resume Sorted Into The No Pile

If a potential employer is going through stacks upon stacks of resumes (as most recruiters do), then they are most likely going to put yours into one of two piles right away: the “yes” pile …

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person writing on white paper

9 Ways To Write A Catchy Job Description To Attract The Right Candidates

When posting a job opening, it is critical to have a really captivating description to attract the right candidate. Here are nine must-haves when writing an effective job description…

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four markers on table

5 Tips for remembering names during an interview

When meeting people in a job interview, it is critically important to remember your interviewers’ names. This will help them feel that you are paying attention to them and make you look confident and professional. …

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woman sitting in front of brown wooden table

5 Advantages Of Using A Temp Agency To Hire Workers

The right talent is always hard to find, and sometimes you need to look outside the company. Utilizing a temp agency can be the answer to your problem. It’s a great way to fill in …

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workforce jobs

10 Misconceptions About Temp Agencies

At MGR Workforce, we do things differently than the other temp worker agencies out there. There are many common misconceptions regarding temporary staffing agencies, which often deter people from registering with them. Here are ten …

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