7 Tips For Preparing To Return To The Office

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You’ve worked remotely for a while, and you’re getting ready to go back in the office. You might be dreading it because reconnecting with everyone at the office can be hard if you haven’t seen them much during your absence. Or, maybe you are excited because you’ve been working from home for so long it […]

Returning To The Office Post-COVID – Are You Ready?

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Are you considering returning to the office post-pandemic? Now that restrictions in certain areas have eased, employers are looking to open offices back up and allow their employees to resume working in-person. Professionals across Canada who have been working remotely over the past year due to COVID-19 could see a shift in their working arrangements, and […]

Keeping Up With E-Commerce Growth in Canada

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Online e-commerce spending in Canada grew by 72.7% in 2020, totalling $28.6 billion (dollar figures are in USD). That growth exceeds what we saw in 2019, where e-commerce reached 16.6 billion dollars in spending and 3.6% of all retail revenues. This growth in e-commerce has led to a surge in employment and hiring of new […]

25 In-demand Canadian Jobs That Are Actively Hiring In 2021 and Beyond

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There are many Canadians who are still seeking employment as COVID case numbers go down, the economy opens, and workforces expand and grow. In today’s job market, it’s important to see what the competition is looking for and why certain jobs are in demand. Find out how to get the skills employers want and learn […]

Post-COVID: How To Get Your Business Up And Running Faster

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Are you struggling with finding the right team to fill your needs while juggling your own commitments? Hiring through a staffing agency will provide you with workers that are already trained and ready-to-go, meaning that you can get up-and-running in less time. Staffing agencies provide a seamless solution for companies that require highly skilled labour, […]

How To Scale Your E-Commerce & Expand Your Digital Retail Operations

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Even though COVID-19 cases have fallen, many shoppers have been reluctant to shop in physical locations, instead opting to do all of their shopping online. With this rise of online shopping, many retailers have had to strategically adjust their business model and workforce. Online spending represented 21.3% of total retail sales for the year and […]

Gaining A Competitive Edge On Your Competition As Your Business Rebuilds Post-Pandemic

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With COVID-19 cases decreasing, vaccination rates increasing, and lockdown restrictions easing in the United States and Canada, small businesses are re-building and starting to re-open their doors. Customers are slowly returning to stores, and businesses are not in the process of rebuilding their workforce and hiring new employees. While shoppers’ behaviour has changed significantly, some […]

Find Qualified Employees in Canada’s Lockdown Environment

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With the COVID-19 lockdowns in Canada, it has become even more challenging to find experienced and dependable employees, train new workers quickly, and deploy them into your business right away. Your Hiring Manager should constantly be on the lookout for potential employees to fill open positions. If you are not actively seeking new hires, your […]

Taking A ‘Just-In-Time’ Approach To Construction Staffing

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You know it’s essential to hire fast and train personnel as quickly as possible, and more importantly, you understand that they help you save time and money in the long run. Using MGR Workforce to fill the gaps in your team with experienced, trained, skilled tradesmen for your construction project will help you get it […]

Finding Available, Skilled Construction Labour On-demand

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In today’s competitive construction environment, it’s imperative to get the right people and resources on the job site as quickly as possible. At the same time, businesses are experiencing a steady and growing shortage of skilled workers, which is causing increased costs, delays, and frustrations for companies. However, it may be difficult or even impossible […]