Keeping Up With E-Commerce Growth in Canada

woman holding black smartphone near silver macbook
woman holding black smartphone near silver macbook

Online e-commerce spending in Canada grew by 72.7% in 2020, totalling $28.6 billion (dollar figures are in USD). That growth exceeds what we saw in 2019, where e-commerce reached 16.6 billion dollars in spending and 3.6% of all retail revenues.

This growth in e-commerce has led to a surge in employment and hiring of new positions for e-commerce managers & analysts, customer service representatives, logistics specialists, warehouse and inventory managers and more.

With this demand comes the need for rapidly hiring new workers to grow the workforce of e-commerce led companies. Businesses are turning to staffing agencies such as MGR Workforce to supply the qualified candidates for their teams, and be able to fill these positions as fast as possible.

Logistics managers

These managers are responsible with delivering freight optimally in terms of time and cost. They oversee all facets of the shipping process from ordering, receiving and tracking materials to delivery. These positions require strong analytical skills because managers typically evaluate equipment performance and decide on improvements or changes to improve efficiency. With an increasingly large volume of packages being shipped across Canada it is an incredibly important position.

Warehouse managers

With e-commerce companies building their own warehouses across North America, there is a continuous need for qualified warehouse managers. Warehouse managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a warehouse’s operation including coordinating the shipments coming in and out, inventory control, employee management and monitoring performance to ensure peak efficiency.

E-commerce Positions

Most e-commerce positions require strong verbal communication and the ability to multitask on multiple projects at once. E-commerce workers need to be comfortable in a fast paced environment where employee turnover rates are high.

If you’re looking to expand your workforce in the e-commerce industry, look no further. MGR Workforce can supply you with qualified candidates that have the skills and knowledge to be successful in this growing industry.

We work with clients of all sizes from small businesses looking to hire their first employee to large corporations looking for project based, part-time, or full-time workers.

Our quick-to-hire service ensures that there will be somebody in place as soon as possible without sacrificing quality – our clients receive only pre-screened, reliable candidates based on their needs and preferences.

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