18 Reasons Your Company Should Use A Temp Staffing Agency

man in blue suit standing beside woman in gray sweater
man in blue suit standing beside woman in gray sweater

Temp staffing is a great way for a company to hire workers as they quickly scale and grow. Utilizing temp workers is especially useful for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources or equipment to effectively hire and train new employees.

When considering using a staffing agency, it’s important to know when you should use one.

At the most basic level, temp agencies are there for anyone looking for short-term work, especially true if you’re short on time and need someone fast. The worker can be a full-time or part-time depending on the need for workers in your company. A staffing agency such as MGR Workforce can provide both temporary workers and permanent workers, depending on your needs. You can also start with temporary workers, and then hire them as permanent workers later on if you end up finding that the worker is a great fit for your company.

Staffing agencies are constantly looking for the best talent to fill open positions and have a large pool of talented, experienced workers ready to fit your needs. At MGR Workforce we use customized dispatch software that automatically matches client requirements with worker criteria, skill sets, expertise and availability.

Your company may want to consider using a staffing agency if:

  1. You have a project that needs to be completed in a short amount of time.
  2. Your company has a specific skill that is hard to find. Your company may need access to a skilled workforce, like programmers or engineers, for a short period of time.
  3. You have an immediate need for employees.
  4. You don’t have the time or resources to screen and hire employees.
  5. You are in need of employees that can fill in for short periods of time.
  6. You want to see if the employee works well with your company before making him an offer for a permanent position.
  7. You want to check an employee’s work ethic and character before giving him a permanent position.
  8. You want to check an employee’s skills before making him a permanent position offer.
  9. You want employees who are flexible in their schedules and can work as needed instead of full-time.
  10. You need a temporary employee because you have too many positions open and not enough employees to fill them.
  11. You want to hire an employee who has a specific skill that your business is in need of, but you don’t want to hire an employee long-term because you don’t know if the business will be successful.
  12. You want to make sure an employee can perform the tasks you need him to do before making the decision to hire him permanently.
  13. Your company needs a short-term help that is not available in the market.
  14. Your company’s workforce is down due to illness or vacations.
  15. Your company’s business is seasonal and requires more workers during the high season.
  16. Your company needs to keep their workforce at a certain level but doesn’t want to hire new employees because of the expense of on-boarding and training.
  17. Your company has a workforce that is relatively stable and doesn’t need to hire new permanent employees, but does need to add more temporary workers to meet a demand in production.
  18. Your company wants to outsource work instead of hiring employees.



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