US Hiring Trends For 2024 (Stats By Sector)

hiring trends 2024
hiring trends 2024

Indeed recently released their 2024 US Jobs & Hiring Trends Report, which provides insights into the hiring stats across many sectors, and how many job postings are being made in each sector.

Key findings:

  • The labor market outlook for next year hinges on worker demand and whether any downturns stem from reduced hiring rather than increased layoffs.
  • A tight labor market and high immigration could draw more prime-age workers, but this may not counteract the impact of an aging population indefinitely.
  • Worker resignation rates have decreased compared to recent years, yet job-switching remains high historically.
  • Wage growth appears to be reverting to pre-pandemic levels, but the timeline and its correlation with inflation are uncertain.

The labor market deviated from the anticipated “Great Resignation” trajectory this year, much to everyone’s relief. Despite predictions of a recession, rapid tightening of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, a banking crisis, and geopolitical uncertainties, the labor market has remained resilient. However, reaching this point has required some unexpected developments.

While job openings and postings decreased significantly, layoffs remained low. The labor force saw an influx of workers returning, and employers continued to hire at a steady pace, albeit with slower wage growth. The initial wave of the “Great Resignation” that characterized the early post-pandemic period subsided, but workers still felt comfortable leaving their jobs.

Job Postings On The Decline

Employers are not looking for as many workers as they were a few years ago. The Indeed Job Postings Index has dropped by 22.5% since the end of December 2021. Also, the number of job openings reported by the federal government has fallen by 20.6% since its highest point in March 2022, as of September. These numbers have gone down partly because employers have filled a lot of jobs. By October, the total number of people with jobs was 3% higher than before the pandemic started in February 2020.

Line graph titled “Indeed Job Postings Index” with a vertical axis spanning from 40 to 160. The index is set so the daily number of job postings on February 1, 2020, is equal to 100. The index declined for much of 2022 and early 2023, but its descent has moderated in recent months.


A table with the title “Sectors with the sharpest declines in job postings” shows the year-over-year change in the Job Postings Index for different occupational sectors. The largest decline is for Software Development job postings, down 51%.

Employers are reevaluating their staffing strategies due to a trio of economic pressures: decelerated growth, changing consumer demands, and escalating interest rates. This reassessment has led to a noticeable decline in job postings, particularly in sectors that were once soaring, such as technology. Here, plummeting stock values have brought hiring practices back down to more grounded levels.

Contrastingly, industries offering face-to-face services — like restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities — continue to exhibit strong hiring activity. It’s a vibrant spot in the labor market landscape.

Wage Growth Has Slowed

Wage growth has been slowing down and might soon be back to the rate it was before the pandemic. The Indeed Wage Tracker shows that wages in October went up by 4.2% from last year, which is less than the 4.8% increase in July, and much lower than the high of 9.3% in January 2022. If this slowing continues like it has for the last three months, wages could return to the pre-pandemic growth rate by the middle of next year.

Line graph titled “US posted wages are slowing considerably” with a vertical axis from 0% to 10%. The graph covers from January 2019 to October 2023. It shows posted wage growth rising quickly through most of 2021 before peaking in January 2022 and declining through October 2023.

Preparing For 2024

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