6 Strategies for Seasonal Staffing

summer hiring workforce staffing agency solutions
summer hiring workforce staffing agency solutions

As the summer season approaches, businesses are often faced with the challenge of meeting increased demand. MGR Workforce offers six practical strategies to help you effectively manage your staffing needs during this busy period.

1. Value and Motivate Your Existing Team

Your current workforce is your most valuable asset. Maintain open lines of communication, involve them in decision-making processes, and value their input. This not only makes them feel respected but also encourages a sense of ownership and commitment to their work.

Consider implementing a rewards program to recognize exceptional performance. This could be anything from additional time off, tickets to local events, or even assistance with daily commuting costs. Small gestures of appreciation can significantly boost morale and productivity.

2. Re-Engage Previous Seasonal Employees

Instead of starting the hiring process from scratch, consider reaching out to seasonal workers from the previous year. They already understand your business operations and can quickly adapt to the work environment, saving you valuable time and resources on training and onboarding.

When reaching out, be specific about the job requirements and expectations. This will help them hit the ground running and contribute to your operations immediately.

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3. Implement Cross-Training Programs

Cross-training can significantly increase your team’s versatility and adaptability. Identify the hidden skills and talents within your current workforce that could be utilized in other roles. For instance, an employee with strong interpersonal skills might be well-suited for a customer service role during the busy season.

Develop a detailed cross-training program that outlines the skills to be learned, the training schedule, and the expected outcomes. This will ensure that your employees are well-prepared to take on different roles as needed.

4. Provide Flexible Scheduling Options

To cater to the demand for flexible work schedules, consider implementing various scheduling options such as:

  • Flextime: Allow employees to choose their start and end times, as long as they fulfill their required hours. This can be particularly beneficial for employees with childcare responsibilities or those pursuing education.
  • Self-scheduling: Implement a system where employees can choose their shifts. This can be managed through a digital platform where all available shifts are posted, and employees can select the ones that suit them best.
  • Shift work: Divide your workforce into different shift rotations to ensure continuous operations. This can be particularly useful for 24/7 operations.
  • Staggered hours: Allow employees to start and end their shifts at different times. This can help reduce congestion during shift changes and provide employees with the flexibility to manage personal commitments.

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5. Broaden Your Recruitment Scope

Diversify your recruitment strategy to include a wider range of job seekers. This could include recent graduates looking for summer jobs, individuals transitioning between careers, working parents seeking flexible roles, or military veterans looking to apply their skills in a civilian role.

When expanding your recruitment efforts to include a wider range of job seekers, consider including:

  • Recent graduates: They are often looking for temporary work during the summer and can bring fresh ideas and energy to your operations.
  • Career transitioners: They may bring valuable skills from their previous roles and can provide a fresh perspective.
  • Working parents: They often value flexible roles that allow them to balance work and family responsibilities.
  • Military veterans: They often have strong discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that can be valuable in a warehouse setting.

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6. Collaborate with a Staffing Agency

Partnering with a staffing agency like MGR Workforce can provide a reliable solution to your summer staffing needs. Staffing agencies can create a tailored staffing plan based on your specific requirements and provide you with access to a pool of seasonal staff ready to fill any open roles.

MGR Workforce is equipped to support your staffing needs across various sectors, for both Permanent and Temporary Staffing. Our professional, skilled workers can assist you in realizing your goals and achieving success in your project. We service clients big and small across a variety of industries.

With MGR Workforce, you can ensure your business is prepared to handle the demands of the summer season efficiently.



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