Ontario’s Demand For Temp Worker Staffing

ontario temp staffing
ontario temp staffing

Did you know that three million workers are employed through staffing agencies in North America every single week? In Canada, Ontario is a province filled with businesses that are scaling their workforce with temp workers. Let’s dive deeper into this workforce staffing trend, and specifically how it affects companies in Ontario, Canada.

Who Are Temporary Workers Anyway?

Picture this: it’s peak season, and a company needs immediate assistance to meet rising demands. Enter the temporary worker, a versatile asset often hired for a short stint to provide that much-needed boost. Contrary to some myths, these workers aren’t slackers. In fact, they’re:

  • Often in high demand
  • Highly skilled
  • Eager to make an impression

In short, temporary workers aren’t just filling a seat—they’re fulfilling essential roles.


  1. Temps are just ‘settling’: Nope! Many seek temporary positions for flexibility and variety.
  2. They’re not as dedicated: Wrong again! Many temps are on the lookout for permanent roles, so they’re often extra motivated.
  3. It’s a last resort: Think broader! Many skilled professionals choose temporary roles to gain diverse experience or to fit other life priorities.

Why the Temptation for Temps?

Businesses are smart—they know value when they see it. So, why are they leaning into the world of temporary workers?

Top Reasons Employers Love Temps:

Reason Why it Matters
Seasonal demands Businesses can upscale or downscale without long-term commitments.
Unexpected orders Temps provide a quick solution for sudden business spikes.
Immediate availability No waiting. Temps are ready to jump in!
Outsourcing hiring process Let staffing agencies do the heavy lifting.
Specialized projects Get the right expert for a specific short-term need.
Filling temporary absences Illness, vacations, leaves – Temps got it covered!
Testing before permanent hiring It’s like a ‘try before you buy’ for employers.

Employer’s Duty to Temporary Workers: It’s Serious Business!

Here’s the deal: employers can’t just bring in temporary workers and forget about their rights. They’re protected, especially after the 2014 Bill 18: The Stronger Workplace for a Stronger Economy Act. And yes, that means equal pay for equal work!

In Ontario, the 2018 update to the Employment Standards Act ensured temporary workers received their fair share. While they may technically be under the staffing agency’s payroll, it’s a joint responsibility to ensure fair and proper compensation.

As you can see, temporary workers are playing an important role in businesses across North America, and the demand for temp workers is only getting stronger. So, whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, it’s worth taking a closer look at scaling up a temporary workforce. After all, flexibility, adaptability, and immediacy are the new buzzwords in the corporate world. And temp workers? They’ve got it all!

Key Takeaways

  • Temporary workers are required to be paid like permanent employees under the Stronger Workplace Stronger Economy Act.
  • Employers choose temporary workers for various reasons, such as seasonal demands, unexpected large orders, or temporary absences that need filling.
  • Employers have responsibilities towards temporary workers, including providing a safe work environment as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Ontario laws ensure that temporary workers are paid fairly, and employers must work with staffing agencies to accurately report hours and compensate workers properly.



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