Industry-Specific Employment Hiring Trends (Fall 2023)

hiring trends
hiring trends

As hiring managers in the United States navigate an ever-shifting employment landscape, recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers valuable insights to inform your recruitment strategies across various industries. October’s job market has presented both challenges and opportunities, which we will dissect by industry.

Construction: Building Opportunities

Construction employment continues its ascent with an increase of 23,000 jobs in October, closely mirroring the 12-month average gain of 18,000. Specialty trade contractors and construction of buildings sectors saw respective increases of 14,000 and 6,000 jobs. These figures suggest a steady requirement for skilled tradespeople and construction workers to support ongoing projects.

Health Care: A Steady Pulse in Employment

The health care sector continues to exhibit robust growth, adding 58,000 jobs in October. This uptick aligns with its 12-month average monthly gain of 53,000. Ambulatory health care services notably increased by 32,000 positions, followed by hospitals at 18,000, and nursing and residential care facilities adding 8,000 roles. These numbers suggest a consistent demand for professionals in the health care field – an industry seemingly resilient to broader economic fluctuations.

Government Jobs: Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

In the government sector, there’s a significant rebound with the addition of 51,000 jobs, bringing employment back to its February 2020 level. The past year has seen a monthly average job growth of 50,000, with local government contributing 38,000 in October alone. This return to pre-pandemic employment levels indicates stability in government hiring, offering a reliable market for job seekers.

Social Assistance: Continued Growth

The social assistance realm saw the addition of 19,000 jobs in October. Despite being slightly below the 12-month average monthly gain of 23,000, this sector is still trending upward, particularly in individual and family services which added 14,000 jobs. Hiring managers in this sector can expect ongoing demand for social services professionals.

Manufacturing: A Temporary Setback

October was less favorable for the manufacturing industry due to strike activity, leading to a decrease of 35,000 jobs – a substantial drop influenced by a decline of 33,000 in motor vehicles and parts. This development underscores the vulnerability of manufacturing to labor disputes and external disruptions.

Leisure and Hospitality: A Plateau in Hiring

The leisure and hospitality sector experienced minimal change with a modest increase of 19,000 jobs in October. This is a notable deceleration from its average monthly gain of 52,000 over the past year. Hiring managers should be aware of this slowing trend when planning their workforce needs.

Professional and Business Services: Holding Steady

Professional and business services saw little change with an addition of 15,000 jobs in October. The industry has shown minimal net change since May, indicating a period of stabilization in hiring within these fields.

Transportation and Warehousing

Employment in transportation and warehousing was little changed with a minor decline of 12,000 jobs. Warehousing and storage lost 11,000 jobs while air transportation added 4,000 jobs. This suggests a lull in hiring within the sector as it shows little net change over the year.

Information Sector: A Quiet Period

The information sector saw a slight decrease in employment with a reduction of 9,000 jobs in October. The motion picture and sound recording industry continued to trend downward with a loss of 5,000 jobs. Hiring managers should note the impact of ongoing labor disputes on job availability within this industry.

Each industry presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for hiring managers. By staying attuned to these employment trends, you can better strategize your recruitment efforts and align them with current market dynamics.



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