How to Hire Construction Workers (Temp or Perm)

temp workers agency
temp workers agency

Having been a staple in the construction industry since 1999, MGR Workforce is well-versed in the intricacies of construction project staffing. Over the past two decades, we’ve refined a solid approach that ensures our clients – ranging from builders and developers to general contractors – have the ideal teams to bring their projects to fruition. From construction workers and project management to machinery and service personnel, we’ve got it all covered.

By entrusting us with the task of finding qualified workers, you can save valuable time and resources. We handle the entire process of sourcing and screening candidates, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your project. Ready to start? Click here.

In this post, we’ll give you an inside look into our well-established method of leveraging temporary staffing agencies, a game-changer in the construction sector.

Specifying Your Staffing Requirements

The first step is reaching out to us to discuss your workforce staffing requirements – an essential first step in the hiring process. As industry veterans, we rise to this challenge, bearing in mind the distinct skills and qualifications your project requires.

Whether your project involves carpentry, plumbing, or specialized tasks such as concrete or electrical work, we take the time to customize our search based on your unique requirements. We recognize that each project has its own distinct demands, and we aim to find candidates who possess the specific expertise and experience necessary to successfully complete the job.

Our grasp of your project’s scale, scope, and timeframe aids us in identifying the ideal candidate from our reservoir of skilled and certified professionals. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to assess the qualifications and capabilities of potential candidates with precision and ensure they align with your project’s needs.

We also recognize the importance of not only technical skills but also other desirable qualities, such as reliability, attention to detail, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team. All of these factors are taken into consideration when evaluating candidates to ensure they possess the right combination of technical expertise and personal attributes that will contribute to the success of your project.

Tailoring to Your Staffing Demands

One of the key benefits of partnering with a temporary staffing agency is the ability to tailor our services to meet your specific employment demands. At MGR Workforce, we understand that each organization and project has unique requirements, and we are committed to providing flexible solutions that align with your needs.

Whether you require a short-term interim solution or a long-term hire, we are here to assist you. We recognize that projects can vary in duration and scope, and we are well-equipped to accommodate your specific timeline. Whether you need staff for a specific project or ongoing support, we have the expertise to cater to both project-based contractors and permanent employees.

Our goal is to provide you with the freedom and flexibility to choose the employment arrangement that best suits your project (temporary staffing, permanent staffing, or temp-to-perm staffing). We understand that some projects may benefit from the expertise and flexibility of contractors, while others may require the stability and commitment of permanent employees. Whatever your preference, we have a diverse pool of talented individuals who can fulfill your requirements.

Construction Staffing Specialties

At MGR Workforce, we offer a wide range of construction specialties to cater to the diverse needs of our clients in the construction industry. Our services cover various aspects, from general and skilled labor to construction personnel and handyman services. With our qualified and experienced professionals, we strive to provide exceptional solutions for all your construction-related requirements. Here are the construction specialties offered by MGR Workforce:

  1. General & Skilled Labor: MGR Construction Services has established a strong reputation for supplying Builders, Developers, and General Contractors with reliable construction labor. We can provide skilled and general construction labor, labor foremen, machine operators, and service personnel for tasks such as PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) preparation and PDI deficiency repair. Additionally, we offer onsite Health and Safety Representatives who ensure compliance with safety protocols and regulations.
  2. Construction Personnel: MGR Workforce understands the importance of qualified construction personnel in ensuring smooth operations and maintaining a safe working environment. We offer a comprehensive range of construction personnel services. Our trained professionals are capable of handling various tasks, including setting up construction sites, conducting OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) orientations, and providing Occupational Health and Safety Consulting. They can perform jobsite inspections, workplace audits, accident/incident investigations, and reinforce accountability. Furthermore, we offer expertise in WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) matters to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Handyman Services: MGR Workforce also provides reliable and skilled handyman services. Our fully bonded professionals specialize in residential, commercial, and high-rise suite repairs. We offer comprehensive repair services for deficiencies encountered prior to or after the sale of a home or unit. Whether it’s managing repairs or warranty work for your organization, our handyman service personnel are ready to deliver reliable, punctual, and high-quality workmanship. We take pride in offering timely and efficient service to address any repair or maintenance needs.

Attracting the Right Candidates through Job Descriptions

If we don’t already have workers that match your criteria, we post job ads to attract them. We specialize in creating job descriptions that are concise yet comprehensive. Drawing on our industry knowledge, we understand how to engage the most suitable candidates and ensure they have a clear understanding of the expectations for their roles. A well-crafted job description, outlining primary responsibilities and required qualifications, forms the foundation for building successful teams.

The next critical step is effectively reaching the target audience with your job advertisements. We leverage our extensive network to promote your job openings in locations where professionals in your industry are likely to come across them.

Screening Resumes and Conducting Interviews

As applications start pouring in, we meticulously filter resumes and applications. We carefully assess specific skills, relevant certifications, and past experiences that align with the requirements of your project. Alongside reviewing paperwork, our team conducts thorough screening processes to ensure we identify the most qualified and suitable candidates.

Verifying References and Conducting Background Checks

We are committed to verifying the information provided by candidates to certify their credibility by taking steps such as checking references or contacting past employers to gain valuable insights. Additionally, we go the extra mile by conducting background checks to ensure the highest level of confidence in the candidates we recommend.

Delivering An Exceptional Onboarding Experience

At MGR Workforce, we prioritize providing the best onboarding experience for our workers. We have developed a comprehensive and tailored onboarding process designed to ensure that new hires are fully equipped with the knowledge of our expectations and policies.

Our onboarding process involves a combination of informative videos and quizzes, carefully designed to cover all the necessary information. By incorporating engaging videos, we aim to effectively communicate our expectations, procedures, and company policies to our new workers. The quizzes included in the onboarding process serve as a tool to assess their understanding and ensure that they have grasped the essential information.

Through this comprehensive and custom-designed onboarding process, we strive to set our workers up for success from the very beginning. We want them to be ready to contribute from day one on your job site.

Sending You Qualified Workers

Our primary goal at MGR Workforce is to connect you with highly qualified workers who possess the skills and expertise necessary for your project’s success. Once we have identified suitable candidates, we match them with your specific needs and preferences, taking into account factors such as the project’s scope, timeline, and specialized requirements to ensure that the worker we send is the best fit for the job.

The worker is sent to your job site to begin working on your team. Workers use our proprietary MGR Workforce App to track their hours, and we verify that they are at your job site location.

Rest assured that when you choose MGR Workforce, we are committed to sending you a qualified worker who will contribute to the success of your project and help you achieve your goals.

Ongoing Support

We continuously work with you to fufill your workforce staffing needs on an on-going basis, building a relationship with you as your trusted staffing partner. We quantify, on an on-going basis, the quality of our workers through a proprietary scoring system that takes into account client quality scores, absenteeism, on-time rates, skills-set, accreditations, and more. This enables us to consistently provide the highest quality labour and superior service.

Opting For A Reliable Partner in Construction Staffing

Opting for MGR Workforce means choosing a temporary staffing agency that comprehends the construction industry like none other. We are not only fully bonded but also take pride in our successful track record spanning 15 years. Trust us to alleviate your hiring process stress, affording you the freedom to concentrate on what you excel at… your construction projects. Click here to request a call back from our team.



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