Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Workforce Expansion

recruiting staffing agency
recruiting staffing agency

Ready to expand your team? Understanding the balance between hard skills and soft skills is crucial in making the right hires. Let’s break it down and see how you can leverage these skills to grow your business effectively.

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: The Essentials

Hard Skills: These are your technical, teachable abilities. Think coding, foreign language proficiency, or using Adobe Creative Suite. They’re measurable and often acquired through education or specific training.

Soft Skills: These are more about personality traits and interpersonal skills. We’re talking communication, adaptability, teamwork. They’re harder to quantify but crucial for a harmonious and effective workplace.

Why Both Matter

Spotting Skills in Job Descriptions

  • Hard Skills: Look for specific qualifications, technical requirements, or software proficiencies.
  • Soft Skills: Seek out phrases like ‘team player,’ ‘good communicator,’ or ‘problem solver.’

Showcasing Skills in Hiring

  • In Resumes: Look for a mix of hard skills (like certifications or specific experiences) and soft skills (like leadership roles or teamwork examples).
  • In Interviews: Ask questions that reveal both technical know-how and interpersonal abilities.

Developing Skills in Your Team

  • Hard Skills: Offer training sessions, encourage online courses, or set up mentorship programs.
  • Soft Skills: Foster a culture of feedback, provide leadership opportunities, and encourage team-building activities.

Examples to Guide You

Skill Type Examples
Hard Skills Coding, Budgeting, Copywriting
Soft Skills Communication, Teamwork, Adaptability

Taking Action

As a small business owner, balancing hard and soft skills in your workforce is key to growth. Remember, a great team isn’t just about what they can do (hard skills) but also how they do it (soft skills). Keep this balance in mind as you expand your team, and you’ll be setting your business up for success! Chat with us at MGR Workforce to find the right workers for your business with the perfect balance of soft skills and hard skills as you scale up your workforce.



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