Top Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Interview

two person smiling during daytime
two person smiling during daytime

Wondering about which questions you should ask at the end of your interview?

There’s always a chance that you’ll be asked if you have any questions for the recruiter. This is a great time to ask some questions about the company, but it’s also a great opportunity to make a good impression on the interviewer.

Here are some examples of good questions you can ask at the end of your interview:

“If I’m successful in getting this job, what can I expect from my first year in this role?” – This is a great question to ask because it’ll give you a sense of what the company and the job are like. You can also get an idea of what the company expects from you and the potential challenges you might face. It’ll also give you a good idea of when you’ll be able to expect a promotion or pay rise.

“What are the core values that drives the company?” – This is a great way to get insight into the culture of a company. They’ll be more comfortable answering this question than something that asks about money, sales, or their competitors. It’s likely they want you to see that their company is thriving and doing well so this question will let them show off. Also, this is a great way to determine if they’re the type of company that you want to work for long-term.

“What are the main challenges for the company right now?” – This is a great way to get a sense of the culture and what they’re struggling with. Maybe they’re struggling with their sales or maybe their management team is spread too thin. Either way, this will give you a great idea of what you can expect if you join the company.

“What are the top priorities for this position over the next year?” – This will give you insight into the challenges you might face if you join the company. It’ll also give you a good sense of what they want from the position.

“What do you enjoy most about working here?” – This is a great question because it shows them that you care about what they enjoy and that you’re interested in being a part of that team. It may also trigger some good stories about what it’s like to work at that company and what makes it such a great place to be. Also, if you can find out what the company culture is like from the people who work there, it’ll give you a better idea of whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

“What does a typical day/week/month look like in this job?” – This is another great question to ask. It’ll give you a clear idea of what the job will be like, and it’ll give you an idea of how much time you’ll need to put into the job. It’ll also help you to figure out what your priorities should be.

“What do you think of this location?” – This is a great question to ask if the job is in a location you aren’t familiar with or might have to move to. You could also ask about whether or not there are plans to expand offices to different areas in the future. For example, if your ideal job would be in San Francisco but your interview is in Seattle, you might want to hear that they plan on opening up an office there in a few years. It could also be good to ask about any potential traffic issues or how long it takes them to commute by car or public transportation.

“How will I be evaluated throughout my first year?” – This will give you a sense of what performance expectations and standards they have for new hires. It’ll also tell you when and where you can expect feedback as well as any annual reviews or performance goals.

“Can I have your business card?” – This is a good way to keep in touch with everyone you met at the interview and get their contact information.

“How might this role evolve over time?” – This question allows you to understand where the company sees your position in 5 years. It also gives you a great idea of how much room there is to grow into other roles in the company, which is important if that is something you want out of your career.

“What is your time frame for this position?” – You might be able to tell from the job post when the company wants to fill this role, but this question gives you a good opportunity to confirm when they are looking to make a decision. It can also give you a sense of how fast-paced the business is and whether it suits your style.

“What do you think makes your company different from the competition?” – One of the most important things in finding a job and working for a company is to know that you’re working for one that is continually innovating and evolving. You can get some insight into what makes them different from the competition through this question.

“What is the next step in the interview process?” – This shows that you’re interested in the role, and can also give you more information about your chances of getting the job.

Make sure that when you ask these questions that you take notes on what the person says so that you can revisit them later. They will be helpful as a reference during your interview preparation and after the interview as well.



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