Leveraging Temporary Workers in Southern Ontario for Business Growth

man in red long sleeve shirt holding black and yellow corded headphones
man in red long sleeve shirt holding black and yellow corded headphones

In the past two decades, Southern Ontario has charted a remarkable shift in its employment landscape. There’s been a marked escalation in temporary worker engagements, overshadowing the growth of permanent positions.

Central to this evolution is the win-win scenario it presents for businesses. Temporary workers serve as a versatile resource, allowing companies to adeptly navigate peak periods and achieve optimal workforce management. The strategic integration of temporary workers provides an effective avenue for cost containment and astute risk mitigation.

Data from Statistics Canada reveals that more people are working in temporary or contract jobs compared to traditional full-time roles. Temporary work, as defined by Stats Can, is employment with a set end date or ending upon completion of a particular project. While temporary employees still make up a relatively small portion of the total workforce, their growth rate has outpaced permanent employees over the past two decades. In 2018, 13.3% (or 2.1 million) of all workers held temporary positions, a rise from 11.8% (or 1.4 million) in 1998. The majority of this growth stems from an increase in term or contract jobs.

Potential of Temp-to-Hire Models for Businesses

The allure of temporary workers in Southern Ontario isn’t restricted to short-term assignments. The temp-to-hire model is an innovative approach that businesses are increasingly adopting. It’s akin to a probationary period, allowing both your organization and the worker to gauge compatibility. This model melds the adaptability of temporary roles with the stability and promise of permanent positions.

Transitioning a worker from a temporary capacity, such as a general labour role, to a full-time position goes beyond skill compatibility. It underscores the need for workers to exhibit dynamism, a collaborative spirit, and the drive to add value.

Start-ups, SMEs, and even established corporations are embracing this model with open arms. It’s a game changer in how they approach talent acquisition and management. No longer does hiring need to be a leap of faith. Now, it’s an informed decision driven by first-hand experience and observation.

The beauty of the temp-to-hire model is that it offers an equal playing field for both parties. The worker gets to understand the inner workings of the organization, the team dynamics, and the working style before deciding if it aligns with their career aspirations. It’s an empowering experience that lets them be in charge of their professional journey.

Leading the Way in Temporary Workforce Solutions

In the dynamic realm of temporary workforce solutions in Ontario, MGR Workforce stands tall as a trusted partner. Our impeccable history of aligning businesses with the right talent is testimony to our commitment to excellence. Whether your organization requires a temporary general labourer or is exploring the potential of temp-to-hire models, MGR Workforce is poised to deliver unparalleled value.

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